Costume Designer // Maker // Wardrobe

I am a Costume Designer, Maker and Wardrobe Mistress from the UK. I have been working for a number of years in both the UK and the USA where I studied my MFA in Costume Design at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Some highlights of my career so far have been touring up the East Coast of the USA with The Cambridge American Stage Tour; working on The Nutcracker at the Royal Albert Hall in London; and spending summers working on numerous productions at Shakespeare and Company in Massachusetts.

As a designer I am very research driven: establishing a solid foundation of research helps me to create a rich and dynamic world on stage or screen. I love to share this research with the other members of my design team and the actors, to bounce ideas around and hear what discoveries they have made in their own research, which all informs my costume designs.

I am always seeking new types of theatre and so far I have followed this interest to both India and South Africa to conduct formal research. In 2019 I visited South Africa to attend the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and research the South African musical Sophiatown for my masters thesis which exhibited online at the Augusta Savage Gallery, MA, in May 2020. Click here to view the exhibition. In 2014, while at the University of Cambridge, I spent seven weeks travelling around India researching costumes for my undergraduate dissertation into the dressing room as a space for transformation in the ritual of performance. This trip included four weeks at Kerala Kalamandalam, the prestigious performing arts university in Kerala.


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